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KAMA PC74 Foil

Volledig gereviseerd

6 maanden fabrieksgarantie

Bouwjaar 2008


Velformaat 600x740mm

Minimaal formaat 210x279mm

Stansformaat 580x720mm

Snelheid 5.000 vel per uur

Tot 150 ton stanskracht


Foliesysteem met twee motoren en met 6 individuele warmtezones.

Adapted for the processing of paper, cardboards, micro corrugated boards, plastic materials and other curved materials.  The basic version includes electrical equipment for 400 volts, 50 Hz and 3 phases. It is equipped with a suction feeder, a feeding table, a punching machine, and a sheet delivery device.

Technical data:

sheet size Max 600 x 740 mm
sheet size Min 210 x 279 mm
punching size Max 580 x 720 mm
machine capacity Max 5000 sheets/h
punching power   1,5 MN (150 t)
gripper edge Min 10 mm
height of cutting lines   23.8 mm
Connected load   10 KW
Net weight   5100 kg


Processible material depending on material consistence and quality of the tools:
Paper, cardboard, plastic material 100-1500 gsm, micro-corrugated board up to 1.8 mm

For material with a grammage of more than 600gsm, an optional cardboard device could be necessary.

Technical description:

Machine frame, robust and compact

Equipped with single Monoblock design and integrated vibration absorbers.


Feeder for overlapping paper feed.

The feeder which is at right-angles to the cutting station is equipped with:

  • a suction head to allow the use of paper, cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard and plastic material
  • a pile-plate in order to use pallets or trolleys
  • a suction feeder
  • a mechanical double sheet control
  • a maximum stack height of 1150 mm



Feeding Table for an exact gripping of sheets.

The feeding table is equipped with:

  • front marks
  • left and right-side guide
  • Highly sensitive sensors at front and side lays also for transparent and black material
  • sequenced suction device for the precise transfer of aligned sheets to the gripper bar.


Cutting Station for punching, creasing, perforating and blind embossing.

The cutting station is equipped with:

  • a worm gear with high running smoothness
  • a robust, double-sided eccentric drive for upper table
  • a compact prism guide for upper table
  • gripper bar for non-damaging one level sheet transport from the feeding table to the delivery device
  • exact sheet transfer and fixing in the punching station
  • rapid uptake of the locking frame for the die tools and the punching plate
  • automatic lubrication system
  • 1 piece of standard chase with alignment plate
  • 1 piece of cutting plate and shim
  • round kiss cutting block


Delivery device for an exact edge stacking of the punched sheets.

The delivery device is equipped with:

  • automatic elevation of delivery lift
  • sheet counting device and electronic wastage detection
  • separate control panel
  • a maximum stack height of 975 mm
  • 3 trolleys for feeder or delivery device
  • 4 lateral blast nozzles to support the stacking of the sheets
  • Mirror to monitor the delivery device from the operating station
  • Rear edge stops with inspection sheet removal
  • Turning station for frame at delivery device


Operation and Control

equipped with

  • programmable logic controller
  • central operator console with touch panel


General Information

  • The automatic cutting machine is equipped with a platform running from the operation station to the delivery device.
  • The locking frame and the punching plate are accessible from the delivery device side
  • The automatic die cutter features a user-friendly protective casing which has been awarded CE and GS certification
  • The machine comes with 2 operating manuals and 2 parts catalogues.



ProCut 74 Foil

Quantity Description ProCut 74 Foil
  Equipment Machine  
1 Motorized pressure setting with swivel-mounted operating panel included
1 Monitoring of delivery by camera included
1 Additional covering frame for cardboard (>600 g/m²) including more powerful compressor for suction feeder included
  Equipment Finishing  
1 Hot foiling system with two motors for winding of foil and two free programmable shafts incl. standard heating chase with 6 separate heating zones Included


  Equipment Application  
1 Fine adjustment for “4+1 platen changing module”, per chase included
1 Special chase for small dies with set of cross-pieces (flexible positioning and precise make-ready) incl. kiss cutting block, square Included
1 Standard chase Included
1 Plate at delivery Included
1 A timed air blast system helps to detach the hot foil from the carrier film Included new!

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